Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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6 Outstanding Healthcare Software to Know

Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Pharma Whitepaper

Healthcare software solutions offer a plethora of advantages. In addition to improving workflow, it also improves patient care. Ocimtech has extensive expertise creating well-designed, secure, and medically acceptable healthcare software that automates a manual process and improves company productivity and personalized communication that is tailored to the needs of the customer. With the aid of our expertise, we were able to assist our pharmaceutical and healthcare customers in reduced manual error, totally automating administrative procedures for increased effectiveness and the best customer experience, as well as creating effective, quick administration of patients and providers.

The Use of Ocimtech in Healthcare

We have provided more than 1,200+ solutions globally as development and consulting partners for companies in a variety of sectors, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, technology, real estate, edutech, telecom, construction, and more. We have more than ten years of experience in the business of developing digital solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of funded startups, SME (small-medium enterprises), and Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. We do this by adhering to the best practices in the industry.

For our local and international healthcare and pharmaceutical clients, we have developed reliable, secure, and medically compatible software to automate communication and improve patient care. Want to turn your concept into a fruitful healthcare product (software or app)? Find out how our team of professionals can assist you in achieving your objective.

The Six Most Promising Healthcare Software Products

An overview of the most popular kinds of software used in the healthcare sector is provided below:

Software for Electronic Health Records (EHR) EHR software is a database for patients’ health records, medications, invoicing, and payment, just the way the CRM of a business stores customer data and interactions. As a result, it is possible for doctors and patients to collaborate to create health plans using EHR software and to monitor the course of therapy.

The global EHR/EMR industry will be worth $38 billion USD by 2025, according to latest research. (Source: Statista)

The two most common varieties of software for electronic medical records are:

  • A database for patient medical records, comprising their history, treatments, and course of recovery, is called electronic patient record software (EPR).
  • Software for keeping electronic medical records (EMR) keeps track of details including prescribed medications, their dosages, diagnoses, and medical procedures.

Hospital Management System Software (HMS):

The HMS is a business tool that streamlines all of a hospital’s daily operations, including appointment scheduling, bed management, hospital inventory, claims processing, and complaint resolution.

MBS (Medical Billing Software):

MBS , or medical billing software As the name implies, the accounting division uses this programme to keep track of the hospital and medical costs for patients. A complete end-to-end solution is provided by this online medical billing software to keep track of all invoices, payments, and medical insurance.

Medical Imaging Software (MIS):

To process and display the results of CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays, hospitals and clinics require imaging software. The human body and organs can also be visualized in 2-D and 3-D using a medical imaging programme. To plan surgeries and treatments, 3D medical image processing software is utilized to create implants and medical supplies. It aids in early disease detection, prognosis determination, and preventative measures.

Medical Diagnosis Software (MDS):

Manual disease diagnosis and sharing of input from different medical practitioners can be time-consuming and error-prone. AI technology is advancing quickly, and it has not been unnoticed in the healthcare industry. With the early detection of diseases and accurate diagnosis of their symptoms, AI-powered diagnosis software has sped up the therapeutic process.

This programme makes it simple to move data between departments and add information to patient cards. The programme keeps patient accounts anonymous even if hospital doctors have access to these records.

E-prescribing Software (EPS):

EPS, or electronic prescribing software The days of trying to decipher your doctor’s prescription penmanship are long gone. This AI-powered programme allows your doctor to communicate directly with your neighborhood drugstore. This expedites the medication-taking process and gets rid of human mistakes. You may always renew, modify, or cancel your prescription with a few simple clicks.

Justifications for Using Digital Healthcare Software

You might believe that the medical sector is thriving even without healthcare software. However, it is extremely possible that your job would be more structured, effective, and entirely patient-centric if you digitally transformed your practice.

Time-consuming and costly tasks include recording, manually searching a patient’s history, billing, and invoicing.

Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Pharma Are Being Digitally Transformed

Are you searching for a business with experience in all industry verticals, including technology (such as IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Cryptocurrency), healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, e-commerce, retail, construction, real estate, services, and more? Look nowhere else! Give us the task of building for you a world-class pharmaceutical, life science, and/or healthcare organization that adheres to all industry standards.

Healthcare, life sciences, and pharma are being transformed digitally.

You’re looking for a business with international experience in all industry sectors, including technology (such as IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, cryptocurrency), healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, e-commerce, retail, real estate, and more. You’ve found it! Give us the reins as we construct you a global healthcare, life science, and/or pharmaceutical company that adheres to all industry best practices.

Conclusion: A Digital Healthcare Future

A digitized healthcare system offers various advantages, including increased productivity, openness, enhanced financial management, and prompt prognosis. One of the most promising trends in the medical industry right now is healthcare software. It won’t be long before these digital technologies are integral to daily operations.Connect with our experts to learn about how we can support your project.

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