Regarding This Result: How the New SERP Feature from Google Affects Your SEO Rankings

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So, what has changed in "About This Result"?

A new feature that makes it simple to comprehend what you are clicking on before you do so has been unveiled by Google. This most recent Google update guarantees that the content we encounter online comes from reliable sources.

Unreliable information can have negative effects on the news we read, the images we see, and the videos we watch. Users can now click on a widget that presents key information quickly before clicking on the search result itself.

So, what has changed in "About This Result"?

Google has also expanded their product offer by including a “About this results” section in an effort to stop the spread of false information. As a result, a search engine will display 3 dots next to every result (…). When you click on it, a menu will appear with numerous options, one of which is a part of this result that informs users of the source of the information and provides further information on their news sources.

Although the information panel may be very detailed, the Source section is the most important. If you’ve never been to a website before, this gives you a brief overview of the page where the result was found.

Wikipedia is the source of the data in this panel’s section. Of course, this does not apply to every link since not every page has a Wikipedia page. In this situation, the panel can display the date that Google first crawled the website.
According to Google, this resource section will give additional details about the nature of search engine results for items like job or company listings rather than a description of a specific website. This makes more sense because different sources can give similar results.

How Does This Result Panel Show Anything Else?

To help you understand how closely the link relates to your search query, the panel also shows the link’s whole URL. It should also indicate whether the site’s connection is secure (in other words if it uses HTTPS).

The language also states that this is a search result and not a paid advertisement. This is becoming more and more important because a significant fraction of the results currently contain more sponsored advertisements than organic search results; in fact, these advertisements have the words “Ad” or “Sponsored” next to them.

Along with “How to search” and “Privacy settings,” another link enables users to provide feedback on the outcome.

Currently, a Knowledge Graph panel with pertinent information about a given topic is displayed alongside several search engine results for that topic. To help users discover particular information more quickly, this can contain the topic’s birthdate, profiles on social media sites, a relevant Wikipedia page, and related topics that are commonly searched.

Despite the fact that the About This panel incorporates data from Wikipedia, it is not meant to take the place of this Knowledge Graph. Instead of providing consumers with more knowledge regarding the subject at hand, it helps them understand the nature of the website where this information may be obtained.

How "About This Result" Update Enhances User Experience

Think about how the “About This” section resembles Google Information Box or Knowledge Graph. However, people share knowledge on websites that cover those areas rather than on specific subjects. enables users to

  • Verify before going to the website
  • Gain context before looking for them
  • Consider the usefulness of the information before selecting.

Impact of This Update on Your Website

For this upgrade, your website needs to be prepared. This indicates that it needs to have a few characteristics in order for Google to promote it.

Keyword comparison

Similar keywords to those in the user’s search engine are shown in this version of the Google info field. If your website appears in a SERP, it signifies that the searcher’s query contained the same terms.

Even while it might seem easy, keep in mind how frequently Google updates its search results and how it affects your search engine rankings. You can notice that your ranks are dropping after the change simply because Google has discovered alternative websites that offer more worthwhile content.

Relative Circumstances

These days, you may improve your online presence by focusing on relevant keywords. For instance, Google claims that when searching for “how to cook fish in the oven,” it would look for articles that contain words like “cook” and “recipe.”

By creating content that focuses on pertinent themes and gives your readers more value, you can improve your rating on Google. Alternatively, try utilizing a lengthy post and relevant search phrases.

Link Building

Link building is the process of obtaining backlinks from other websites to yours, in addition to describing the website and trying to make sure it has a secure domain. Users can move between Web sites by clicking on a hyperlink. Links are used by search results to crawl the web. They will monitor both internal links within your website and external links between various websites.

Local SEO

You must optimize for local keywords like “near me” if your company has many locations or solely serves a specific geographic area. If you have a Local SEO plan, Google will highlight your material that is pertinent to your location, allowing you to reach the correct audience. You may improve your company’s web search visibility the more people discover the value on your site and learn that it is provided in their location or state.

Using "About This," Improve Your SEO Rankings

With the use of this function, users should be able to find information more efficiently. As a result, your business must make sure that your website offers this advanced search feature if you want to boost brand recognition and position yourselves as an expert in your field.

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