Custom ERP Development Services in New York

Ocimtech assists in the creation of innovative ERP Development Software. It gives administrators control over all aspects of a company’s operations, from distribution and sales to managing inventory as well as the distribution network.

Custom ERP Development

To design the ideal ERP solution, we alter off-the-shelf ERP solutions by automating workflows, integrating data, modifying solutions, developing modules, and more.

Expert ERP Implementation

With data integrity and zero downtime, install and manage your custom networks, servers, encryption, and data management throughout your entire enterprise.

Seamless Data Migrations

Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge technology and expert file transfer methods, we can smoothly migrate information from an current ERP environment to a new ERP platform.

ERP Integration Services

Ocimtech Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration solutions and services integrate all aspects of your business with the systems you already use and rely on.

ERP System Configurations

We modify, improve, and add special fields to ERP softwares, as well as configure it with specific roles, business intelligence, fields, and customizations.

Data Warehousing

Use your data warehousing systems for your centralized database to extract, convert, and load (ETL) data from various resources and also to build up several nodes for data aggregation.

Powerful Reporting

Create bespoke reporting features for real-time queries that will produce reports with a wealth of data and data representation of enterprise systems using a variety of charting & graph styles.

Custom ERP Dashboards

For predictive analytics, decision assistance, executive dashboards, KPI tracking, performance tracking, and other uses, we develop SOAs and programme solid platforms.

Custom ERP Software Features

Numerous features and functions are integrated into Ocimtech cCustom ERP Solutions with the goal of producing an all-in-one solution that facilitates efficient business operations.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Service Management
  • Distribution Management
  • GR Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Project Management
  • Document Management
  • Lot & Serial Traceability

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